+Superior Programme - General information

The +Superior Programme is a measure that aims to encourage and support the attendance of higher education in regions of the country with less demand and less demographic pressure by economically disadvantaged students who are habitually resident in other regions.

The +Superior Programme seeks to contribute to territorial cohesion by setting young people in those regions and to the pursuit of the Portugal 2020 targets for the number of young people with higher education.

The conditions for awarding a grant are defined in the Regulation currently in force.


Despacho n.º 7103/2018 (2.ª série), de 26 de julho - Regulamento do Programa +Superior 2018-2019
Despacho nº 7103/2018, de 26 de julho
Aprova o Regulamento do Programa +Superior para o Ano Letivo de 2018-2019
State: Vigente
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