Portuguese ENIC/NARIC Centre

The NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre) is the national centre dedicated to provide information about academic recognition of foreign higher education degrees and diplomas.

This centre is part of the ENIC-NARIC network, comprised by information centres from European Union member states and the centres of other member countries of the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

The Portuguese ENIC/NARIC Centre is integrated in the Directorate-General for Higher Education and was established in 1986, following the accession of Portugal to the European Communities.


The ENIC/NARIC provides information on:

  • Academic recognition of foreign higher education degrees and diplomas;
  • Level of academic qualifications obtained abroad;
  • Professional recognition;
  • Legislation on academic and professional recognition;
  • Portuguese higher education system.

The ENIC/NARIC also give information:

  • certifying the level of academic qualifications obtained abroad;
  • about the classification scale in the Portuguese higher education system.


A NARIC Statement attests to the level of foreign higher education qualifications or diplomas in the country of origin and, when applicable, the foreign higher education institutions that grant them as recognised institutions.

In line with Declarations/Statements issued by other NARIC Centres, the current model for provision of the Statement results in the issuance of depersonalized and general, objective and succinct information.

Therefore, the NARIC Statement must always be presented together with the original documentation of the person requesting it.

  • Only if needed, a NARIC statement on the level of the foreign higher education course and/or institution for Personal Income Tax purposes, in accordance with article 78 -D, no. 3, of the Portuguese Personal Income Tax Code, must be requested via Balcão Eletrónico.



NOTE: The statement attesting the level of a foreign academic qualification only confirms the level of the course. It does not replace the certificate of equivalence/recognition conferred by a Portuguese higher education institution, or any other form of academic degree recognition foreseen in the legislation (Decree-Law n.º 66/2018)


How to request? 


The request is submitted by filling in this online form, selecting the “country where you studied”, the foreign institution you attended and, optionally, the foreign degree/diploma that was or would be awarded, in case the course was not completed.


What documents are required to request a NARIC statement?


The current model and form of provision of the NARIC Statement only attests to the foreign higher education courses and institutions contained in the repository, from which the respective pdf can be generated.

All other personal information is contained in the original documents of the person requesting it.


What is the cost of the NARIC statement?


The procedure is free of charge.


National, European or international projects that the ENIC/NARIC center participates:


FRAUDOC - Guidelines on Diploma Mills and Document Fraud for Credential Evaluators

The Portuguese NARIC participates in the FRAUDOC project, which aims to establish the current status of the existing measures for the verification of fake diplomas and non-accredited institutions. The project aims to create and improve verification techniques of such documents and institutions, giving greater security to credential evaluators, and establishing anti-fraud mechanisms.

The project, coordinated by CIMEA, started in March 2016 and will last 24 months. FRAUDOC also counts on the participation of ENIC-NARIC centres from Belgium (Flemish Community), Denmark, Estonia and Sweden. Three other centres were also invited as informal partners: Canada, U.S.A. and New Zealand.


New Paradigms: Automatic Recognition and Evaluation of Competences

The New Paradigms project aims to address the automatic recognition of foreign academic qualifications. Taking into account the Portuguese experience in the field, through the implementation of the recognition system regulated by Decree-Law No. 341/2007 of 12th October, the Portuguese NARIC centre belongs to the core team of the Working Group.

The project will last 24 months, having started in March 2016, and will be coordinated by EP-Nuffic.


AR-NET Project

This projetc follows on the Paradigms project, within the scope of automatic recognition and was launched in May 2018.



IMPACT - European Project

Within the framework of the competences of the ENIC/NARIC PT Center, and following the participation of this Center un the SQUARE-System of Quality Assurance for the Recognition Networks project, the PT Center was targeted in 2017 for a quality assessment of the procedures adopted. The qaulity evaluation process was carried out by a visit of the Belarus Center to the ENIC/NARIC PT Center facilities and in return our Center evaluated our Romanian counterpart.


SCAN-D: Samples & Copies of Academic National Diplomas
[July 2014 | September 2015]

The Portuguese NARIC centre participated in the SCAN-D project, selected under the Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the Italian NARIC - CIMEA.

This project has the main objective of promoting and sharing information about the different degrees and diplomas awarded by higher education institutions of the participating countries, aiming for a fair and expeditious academic recognition.

Examples of diplomas and certificates issued by higher education institutions of the 15 participating countries were compiled and included in a database accessible to all members of the ENIC-NARIC network: Belgium (Flemish Community), Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Portugal and the Czech Republic.


SQUARE: System of Quality Assurance for the Recognition Networks
[June 2014 | March 2016]

The Portuguese NARIC centre participates in the SQUARE project, selected under the Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the Dutch NARIC centre - EP-Nuffic.

The project's main objective is the development of a quality assurance system based on standards and guidelines common to all information centres of the ENIC-NARIC Network.




In 2013 we participated in the follow-up of the EM-ACE project, as an associate partner, publicized the activities developed and participated as speakers at the European students seminar organized at the University of Porto.



EMNS-BRIDGE-NARIC: Best Recognition Instruments for the Dialogue between Global Experts: Crossing the bridge between EM National Structures and NARIC Centers
[November 2010 | October 2012]

The BRIDGE project aimed to analyze issues related to the recognition of joint courses through cooperation between national Erasmus Mundus structures and NARIC, ENIC and MERIC centres.