Estonian Presidency of the EU Council

On the 1st July begins a new Presidency of the EU Council, held until 31st December by Estonia. ThisPresidency is held alternately between all Member States for a period of six months. To ensure the continuity of themes, the Presidencies work in trios, thus developing a joint program for 18 months. This presidency succeeds Malta and starts a new joint program with Bulgaria and Austria.

The priorities of the Estonian Presidency of the Council, for Higher Education, are the encouragement of the modernization of education and institutions, the revision of the EUROPASS framework, as part of the New Skills Agenda for Europe, and the formulation of Recommendations on Graduate Tracking (follow-up of the graduates) that also cover the sectors of vocational education and vocational training. There may also be the possibility for the formulation of Recommendations on Quality Framework on Apprenticeships.

Main events related to higher education promoted by the Presidency for the 2nd semester of 2017:


  • 18-19 - Informal study trip for Education Attachés, Tartu


  • 27-28 - Conference on Lifelong Guidance


  • 4-5 - PLA “Technological opportunities for skills assessment” (WG on digital skills and competences).
  • 12-13 - Meeting of Directors-General of Higher Education


  • 9-10 - Bologna Follow-up Group
  • 20 (tbc) - Council meeting | Education, Youth, Culture and Sport

For further information you can visit the Presidency’s official website: