European Ministerial Conference in Paris

The 10th European Ministerial Conference and the 5th Bologna Policy Forum were held in Paris on May 24-25, of the current year. The meeting was attended by advisory members, observers, representatives from 48 countries, including Portugal, whose delegation was led by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, with the presence of the Director-General for Higher Education, the members appointed by CRUP, CCISP and APESP and by a representative of the students.

The documents discussed at the Conference were drawn up between 2015 and 2018 by the various Working Groups and Advisory Groups of the Bologna Follow-Up Group, composed by members from the States represented at the Conference. During the Conference were approved the following documents: the “Bologna Process Implementation Report”, the “Paris Communiqué” and the “Bologna Policy Forum Statement”.

During the two days of the Conference, the main topics discussed were: the Bologna implementation challenges; the perspectives of EHEA beyond 2020 on “teaching & learning”, “European universities” and “The Synergies between education & research”; fundamental values and Inclusiveness; broadening access & ensuring success for all in higher education and higher education social responsibility on the civic role of higher education institutions.

The Conference resulted in a commitment of the participating States to work collectively in order to meet the challenges of Higher Education by 2020, the date of the next Ministerial Conference.

The documents discussed are available for consultation on this website:

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