Greece Assumes Presidency of the Council of the European Union


On the 1st of January, Greece will assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the next six months. Greece will follow Lithuania and Ireland (1st semester of 2013), closing the Trio of Presidency with a coordinated agenda and work plan for the EU.

The Presidency of the European Union Council rotates among the 28 Member-states for a period of 6 months each. During that time the Member-state that has the Presidency chairs meetings at every level, and also proposes guidelines and tries to reach consensus about the issues on the Council’s agenda

Stands out as priorities of the Greek Presidency the following:

  • Growth-Jobs-Cohesion
  • Further integration of EU-Eurozone
  • Migration-Borders-Mobility
  • Maritime Policies

The main priorities outlined for Education and Training (E&T) are:

  • Social Cohesion
  • Effective and Innovative Education and Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Higher education

On the first semester of 2014 Greece will host two major events concerning Higher Education:

  • Conference on the new programme «Erasmus+», 16 January 2014;
  • Conference on the new ranking system of Universities «U-Multirank», 19 May 2014

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