Latvian Presidency of the EU Council


On the 1st January the Latvian Presidency of the EU Council will begin. The Presidency of the Council rotates among all 28 Member-states and is exercised by each one for a period of six months. In order to guarantee continuity of strategies, these presidencies are organized in trios of countries that will develop a common programme for a period of 18 months. Latvia succeeds Italy and precedes Luxembourg. The next trio will be composed by the following Member-states: Netherlands, Slovakia and Malta.

In the area of education and training the Latvian Presidency intends to follow the work that has been developed by the Italian Presidency which is to address the fight against youth unemployment, related to the reinforcement of links between education and employment. The themes of innovation, entrepreneurship and competitiveness, as well as open educational resources and digital learning are also on the agenda.

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