Portuguese Participation in the IMPACT project

Within the framework of the competences of the Portuguese ENIC/NARIC Centre, in particular those regarding the dissemination of "appropriate, reliable and authenticated information on qualifications, education systems and recognition procedures", and following this Centre's participation in the SQUARE project - System of Quality Assurance for the Recognition Networks, the IMPACT project was launched, aiming at a critical reflection on the fulfillment of the good practices agreed within the scope of the ENIC/NARIC Network, with the purpose of improving and/or reinforcing these same practices. The quality assessment process requires each ENIC/NARIC Center to visit and to be visited by a similar center.

Therefore, a Portuguese delegation visited the Romanian ENIC/NARIC Center, on 3 May 2017, to carry out an evaluation of the quality of the adopted procedures and good practices. Following this visit, the Portuguese ENIC/NARIC Center was visited, for the same purpose, by a Belarusian delegation, on 12 May 2017.