Welcome by the Director General

Internationalization, in its various dimensions, is currently one of Portuguese higher education system’s main challenges. In a changing world, which is growing ever more polycentric, it is increasingly more important to think globally and to be able to act across different regional and national contexts.

Traditionally Portuguese higher education institutions have tended to concentrate their efforts to establish their institutional and personal relations across a number of specific geographical areas in which they share a long cultural and social history. They cannot, however, forget what happens outside those areas, where a big part of their future is being defined.

Within their legally autonomous governance framework, the internationalization initiatives of Portuguese higher education are largely the responsibility of the higher education institutions’ themselves, as well as that of their representative structures and their individual agents.

In terms of centralized services, under the direct administration of the State and without prejudice of the competences of other services, the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) takes responsibility for internationalization in Higher Education. This department should ensure, according to the Government’s guidelines, international relations and international cooperation, in addition to promoting and supporting the mobility of Portuguese higher education students within the European area.

In order for the Directorate General to fulfil its delegated responsibilities, a specific unit was established especially geared to cooperation and international relations: the Unit for Recognition, Mobility and International Cooperation (DRMCI).

Contributing to overcoming the challenges of internationalization also means the timely dissemination of initiatives and opportunities that sometimes may be overlooked or forgotten due to lack of information. It is with this goal in mind that we begin this newsletter.

With this initiative we are sure that we will meet the expectations of all those that have requested our involvement, support and cooperation.

Vítor Magriço
Director General