Presentation of the Report "A strategy for the Internationalization of the Portuguese Higher Education"

The public presentation of the report “A strategy for the Internationalization of the Portuguese Higher Education” was held on the 23 of September, in Theater Thalia, in Lisboa, and it was presided by the Minister of Education and Science, Nuno Crato and the Minister for Regional Development, Miguel Poiares Maduro.

The report was prepared by a working group, designated by Joint Order of both Ministers, and accomplishes what was envisioned in one of the strategic objectives of the Program of the XIX Constitutional Government and the 6th objective of the Portuguese Strategic Guidelines for Higher Education:”Internationalize Portuguese Higher Education”

The presentation was carried out by the Group Coordinator, Prof. João Guerreiro, and also counted with the speeches by the Secretary of State for Higher Education, the President of CRUP, a member of the Permanent Committee of CCISP, the President of APESP, and the closing remarks by the Minister of Education and Science and the Minister for Regional Development.

The report presents a well balanced portrait of the internationalization phenomena in higher education in both national and international context, highlighting some examples of internationalization strategies developed by some countries that constitute some good practice models. At national level, the report identifies some areas and programs where cooperation has had a major impact.

Emphasis was put on the importance that may assume in a very near future distance learning, and the potential that it may bring to Portuguese Higher Education Institutions. It also stressed the role played by Portugal in the area of academic recognition and the advantages that national measures brought to remove the obstacles to academic and professional mobility, and to attracting students and foreign researchers.

The importance of having a greater visibility of higher education in parallel to the recognition gained by the science field was strongly highlighted.

The Report presents a large number of recommendations structured in four main areas: institutional strategic cooperation, mobility, promotion and governance. The report was under public consultation until the 31 of October, being at this point objet of analysis by both Ministers for incoming measures.

Ana Mateus, member of the Working Group